WWOOF / Workaway


We aim to have a mutually beneficial relationship with our “exchange-workers”. We hope that during your stay, you learn some skills in agriculture, develop a deeper understanding of what it means to farm and make a positive contribution to our farm.

We offer learning experiences in the day-to-day work that our farm brings. Jobs vary from month-to-month and day-to-day; some are unique and exciting, others are challenging or repetitious. Sometimes we all work alongside each other, other times we work individually. This is all part of the farming experience. Please remember that the viability of our farm, long-term, is of utmost importance.

While we aim to offer a diverse experience, please understand that with the constant rotation of workers, we are constantly training and this can prove challenging. The most diverse experiences come from longer stays (over a couple of months) and are driven by your desire for deeper learning. Let’s work hard together and have fun doing it!


We provide clean, fully furnished living quarters, with beautiful views on the fields. You will have your own bedroom, shared-bathroom, the kitchen is fully equipped and a large common area to chat and relax.

Work Hours/Routine:

Individual abilities, desire to learn, lunch-times & other commitments vary. We are less concerned about counting hours and more focussed on tasks being completed. It is important that we all start at the same time, however end times can vary.

Farming is hard work, and if you are coming to experience farming, then it is going to be work. We can guarantee that you will leave with a deeper appreciation of food and where your food comes from and how much work it took to get it to your plate.

Please let us know if there is a particular area of interest that you have and we will do our best to provide opportunities in that area.         

You can email us directly at cammy@lockwoodfarms.ca

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