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At Lockwood Farms, we are committed to feeding our local community a wide range of vegetable and animal products, grown and raised using the most sustainable options available to us. But what is it to be working for a family-owned farm?

Yes, kids will be running around, Toffee the farm dog will ask for hugs, we will overwhelm you with our Todo list & guess what, you will learn how to grow food! We offer a strong learning environment with the opportunity to work with a team of farm owners/operators, employees, interns, and international volunteers. Our business has grown over 6 years with pure passion from us as owners. Our goal is to encourage people in a life-long agricultural journey and to better understand issues facing agriculture today.

Meet The Farmers

The owners! Cammy & James are like intense Superheroes driven by 1000 different passions & a strong value system. They NEVER stop. Just writing this makes me tired. Even in the toughest moments, they will always find a way to make you understand the resilience of life with a smile on their face. James is outgoing, sensitive, detail-oriented (He LOVES straight lines) & his passion for farming is contagious. Cammy is easy-going, loves growing food, is funny & awkward, and is an amazing writer. Of course, they are both outstanding parents and business owners. I give them 5 stars.

Freshly arrived in the Cowichan Valley during the summer 2020, Pascale had one goal in mind: finding mentors to learn sustainable farming. Growing up in rural Quebec, nature has always been the place where she felt inspired and truly herself. Pascale is sarcastic, loves poutine & beer, and has good people skills. You will now find her in the office covering the admin side as well as in the fields & everywhere in between!

Come Join us!

These are opportunities for you to try-out farming without having to buy land, equipment and sink your life savings into it.


Application closed for the season.

Work Exchange

We aim to have a mutually beneficial relationship with our “exchange-workers”. We hope that during your stay, you learn some skills in agriculture, develop a deeper understanding of what it means to farm and make a positive contribution to our farm. We offer learning experiences in the day-to-day work that our farm brings

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We are always looking for like-minded individuals that value sustainability, our planet & who loves chicken and veggies!

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