Our Team

Meet the Farmers

The owners! Cammy & James are like intense Superheroes driven by 1000 different passions & a strong value system. Even in the toughest moments, they always find a way to illustrate the resilience of life with a smile on their faces.

James is outgoing, sensitive, detail-oriented (he loves when everything is in a straight line) and of course a jack-of-all-trades. Cammy is easy-going, yet has a strong sense of justice, loves growing food and cooking it, she is funny & awkward, and an amazing writer and activist.

Of course, they are both outstanding parents, and their passion for farming is contagious.

Pascale first came to Lockwood Farms in the summer of 2020. She LOVES harvesting all the farm produce bounty. She started as a part-time ‘Happy Harvester’ and became more and more interested in how the farm worked. Eventually, she stepped into an office admin. role and has been happily answering your emails ever since.

We love her energy and enthusiasm for all things farming. She has been the one we look to when we need to leave, and she makes sure that all things are well taken care of.

Over the past two years, she has returned to school to study psychology (I’m always afraid that she will figure me out before I figure me out), and it has been good to be able to support her in this and provide some flexibility with her role on the farm. Now she has welcomed Chris and Sophia to help with her office administration and harvesting roles. She is an incredible newsletter author! As she originally hales from Quebec, we sometimes glimpse her ‘Frenglish’. 😉

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