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Years of passion, dedication, hard work, research, all-nighters-to-get-it-done, more than our life savings, all wrapped up into a simple, brown, egg.

Our Farm / Our Story

by Cammy Lockwood, Farmer

I am still trying to figure out how I found my way here. My mother was an artist, and my father was a doctor, I had a bachelors degree in history and ‘liberal studies’, so farming seemed like a really natural fit for me 😉

James grew up surrounded by a wholesale nursery growing ornamental plants. He decided not to follow in his dad’s footsteps…until years of concern for the environment, social justice and healthy-living eventually culminated in a passion not too dissimilar from what had been ‘in his blood’ all along!

We approached James’ dad, Barry and asked if he would consider starting a farm. We officially launched Lockwood Farms in the summer of 2011. The very first market, we did $64 in lettuce sales. Then we came home with 20 heads of lettuce and tried to store them in our kitchen fridge. It was a crazy idea to think that we could raise a family with 64 dollars and lettuce. However, we knew that farming would put food on the table.

Our goal back then was simple: Make it work.

Our mission has not changed since we started farming: to grow high quality and quantity eggs and vegetables in a sustainable, ethical fashion that honours people, animals and our environment.

Our kids and our farm grew together. The early days of two under two are a blur of breastfeeding, laundry, farm work during nap times, ‘me-time’ was running the Saturday market, and family time was washing eggs together

We threw all our savings at the farm; we bought a tractor when our daughter was just 4 weeks old. The first new vehicle we ever purchased, we got a trailer to tow to markets, and the poly for the propagation house.

Our success is owed to Dad. He held us together, kept us focused, imparted much wisdom as we went through that crazy phase. He gently guided us and the business as we grew. James asked him if he ever missed the days when he was a baby, a toddler, a boy. Dad said he enjoyed each stage, each of its challenges and joys.

That we have done with both our children and our farm. Each stage is joyous, more challenging than we could have guessed, and over as quickly as it started.

On Nov 6th, 2018, we lost dad.

The change for us on a daily basis has been so great. We wished we could have told him about this website, about EcoEggs and the solar project etc. We miss his enthusiastic reactions, his open arms and wide grin.

The farm is now ours alone to run. The joy, the debt, the income, the responsibility, the property, the maintenance, and so much more, it is all ours now.

We want to do this well. We want to honour God with this incredible gift that we have been given and steward it well.

Our goal now is perhaps just as simple: Be better, do better.

There is no comparison here. We are not trying to be better than anyone else, we just want to be better at what we do, more knowledgeable, better stewards of the gifts we have been given, better parents, better citizens, better friends, better owners, better employers, better farmers.

Free-Range Children


Lockwood Farms has always been a living entity unto itself. It is constantly changing, growing, adapting, and morphing into whatever direction we set for it. We don’t see ourselves as having ‘arrived’, we are on a continual journey, and each season is pivotal for us. There are things that we did, that have changed, and we know the things we are doing now will change. We have many plans for the future and unrealized dreams, and we had many plans that did not succeed, in fact how we measure our success has changed.

We meet each day and each challenge well rooted in our values.

The Lockwood Farms family photo

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