We are so excited to welcome interns to our farm this year!

You will have the opportunity to live, learn and breathe farming for 6 months, to be a part of a community built around sustainable agriculture, and a family built around love.

Our farm was started 10 years ago by a multi generational family, and now is a successfully feeds 8-10 thousand people on Vancouver Island. Initially we knew that growing our own food, and food for our community was the ‘greenest’ way we could live, since then we have continued to pursue sustainability, and in 2021, we were able to solar power our barn of 6000 laying hens.

Our decisions are all based on doing what is best for people, our earth, and our animals. As an intern, your focus will be on market-garden production. We will work with you to achieve your educational goals with a specific area of focus on greenhouse/propagation house production, or harvest and field management, or perennial crop production.

Your responsibilities will be determined by what your interest is. You will have a place to live, food, a place to cook food that you grew, a community, benefits, a bicycle, a stipend and a chance to live out your farming dream without the associated risk of doing it yourself. Farming is simultaneously live-giving and exhausting, it is hard physical labour, long hours, and mentally challenging yet the joy of standing behind what you grew is beyond measure.

If you have decided to pursue a career in agriculture and don’t know where to start, I can guarantee that interning with us will be a rewarding experience!


  • Determined on a career in agriculture.
  • 18 years or older.
  • Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or hold appropriate visa.
  • Physically healthy and capable of manual labour and lifting.
  • Mentally fit and emotionally stable.
  • Pervious work experience in fast-paced, production-focused work environment.
  • 2 good references.
  • High school Completed


  • FULL SEASON 2022 s through to the end of October 2022.
  • Full-time availability for farm labour, more as is required by weather or circumstance.
  • For your priority to be the well-being of the farm and for the time that you are here.

For further detail about what we are offering, contact us directly at

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