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Healthy eggs from happy chickens. Raised with love… and grubs!

Years of passion, dedication, hard work, research, all-nighters-to-get-it-done, more than our life savings, all wrapped up into a simple brown egg.
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7g of protein

High in Iron & Vitamin A

No Soy, Corn or GMOs

Good for the environment, hens & you

Honestly, really tasty eggs

Lockwood Farms upholds the highest ethical standards in care of our chickens. Our hens are provided with free-range access to sunlight, dust baths, water, pasture and protein-rich biologically appropriate feed.

Lockwood Farms eggs, eggs and more eggs

What makes an EcoEgg?

We are so excited to feed our hens Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL). This is something we are so passionate about as insect agriculture has huge potential to change our food systems and feed our global population. Soy crops can grow 356 lbs of edible protein per acre, whereas insect protein has the potential to grow upwards of 100,000 lbs of edible protein per acre. Enterra uses pre-consumer produce waste as their only input, no water. This diverts waste from the landfill. The Black Soldier Fly Larvae are grown on this slurry until just before they pupate. The plump larvae are dried and packaged. Our order goes to our feed supplier where it is added to our feed.

Insects are a very natural part of a hen’s diet, yet conventional feed has not included insect protein in it’s regular ration. Instead the industry has looked primarily to soy. Soy crops destined for animal feed are largely responsible for the destruction of the Amazon basin. This environmental concern has shaped our feed, and we haven’t used soy in our feed since we began farming. Brazil maybe a world away, however the trees in the Amazon keep our air clean.

We are supporting another Canadian company.

We firmly believe that this is the way of the future and we are so excited to be pioneering this feed in our industry.

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