Lockwood Farms CSA

Eating with the rhythm of the seasons!

Experience what is is like to follow the cycles of nature by getting a weekly supply of local veggies grown with love, passion and respect for Mother Earth.

What is a CSA program?

A ‘Community Supported Agriculture’ relationship draws farmer and consumer closer. Connect with us, your farmers, through Lockwood Farms’ CSA program. Through the program, members pay an up front share for veggies grown throughout the season. This helps the farmers guarantee food reaches plates with minimal loses; you get to try a diverse range of top quality produce you may not have had before, gain knowledge of local farming practices, connect with the community and benefit from upcoming offers such as nursery, merchandise and gardening products.

What you’ll get:

We are offering our members a weekly supply of vegetables at a cost of $25 a week for a ¾ Share (1-3 people) or $35 a week for a Full Share (2-4 people). The value greatly surpasses the cost!  The program will run for a grand total of 30 weeks: Mid-June up until Christmas.

Optional: You can choose to add a dozen EcoEggs to your order for an additional $7/week; you will receive either a dozen large eggs or greater equivalent (eg. You may receive more smaller eggs, but may also get XL or Jumbo at no additional cost!).

An additional share may be earned through volunteer hours at the farm. Contact us for more details.

  • 30 weeks Full Share: 2 payments of $525
  • 30 weeks ¾ Share: 2 payments of $375
  • With EcoEggs: add an additional $210 for the season


Email us through our contact form and we will email you with all the details.

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