Vancouver Island CSA by Lockwood Farms

Our CSA program is back for 2024!

Welcome to our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our program, starting the week of May 12th and running until Thanksgiving (22 weeks).

As a shareholder, you’ll enjoy a weekly share of our harvest, and connect with us, your local farm!

Keen to join our 2024 program? Click the link below to fill out the form. Once done, we’ll send you an individual email with details on payments, pickup locations, delivery, and more.

What is a Community Supported Agriculture program?

A ‘Community Supported Agriculture’ relationship draws farmers and consumers closer. Connect with us, your farmers, through Lockwood Farms’ CSA program. Through the program, members pay an upfront share for veggies grown throughout the season. This helps the farmers guarantee food reaches plates with minimal losses; you get to try a diverse range of top quality products you may not have had before, gain knowledge of local farming practices, connect with the community and benefit from upcoming offers such as nursery, meat, merchandise and gardening products.

Help Support a Local Cowichan Valley Farm

Choosing to be part of this program is so much more than receiving a veggie box every week.

  • Less grocery shopping!
  • Fresh, Locally Grown Produce: Duh! The obvious one. Your veggies are grown and handpicked right HERE – fresh as it gets (sometimes even the same day).
  • Supporting Local Farmers: You directly support local farmers and their businesses (In this case, US!) This support helps sustain operations, promote sustainable farming practices, and contribute to the local economy.
  • Connection to the Food Source: You’re not just getting veggies; you’re getting an all-access pass to farm life. Come on down, meet us, explore the fields, and geek out on all things growing.
  • Seasonal Variety: CSA boxes are like surprise packages. Say hello to new fruits and veggies that you will not find at the grocery store. It’s not just a box; it’s a ticket to a diverse, exciting, and adventurous menu
  • Environmental Benefits: Buying locally reduces the carbon footprint associated with transporting food long distances. Not only that, it involves fewer intermediaries, leading to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly food supply chain. Yay!
  • Community Building: CSAs cultivate a sense of community among members, fostering meaningful interactions between us and you. In the past, we have created a Facebook group to share recipes & stories.
  • Health Benefits: Locally grown produce is often harvested at its peak ripeness, which can result in higher nutritional content compared to produce that has been transported long distances.

Example of the Share Options

¾ Share:

  • 2 x bags of greens (arugula, Salad Mixes, lettuce mix, etc.) 
  • Cucumber Bundle
  • 1 Broccoli Head
  • Fresh herbs

 Full Share:

Add these to the 3/4 share:

  • 1 Lettuce head
  • 2-3 Zucchinis
  • Bunch of Radish

Overall Cost Break Down:

  • 22 weeks ¾  Share: $660 ($30 a week)
  • 22 weeks Full Share: $924 ($42 a week)
  • With an EcoEgg dz: an additional $187 for the season
  • Opting for the convenience of home delivery or pickup in Victoria? Cow-op is providing this service, additional fees apply
  • Interested in getting bonus veggies at the end of the season? Here is how:
    – Referrals; Invite a friend to also become a member!
    – Pay in FULL at the beginning of the season


Every week, our members pick-up a box of veggies at a designated pick-up location or directly at your door step.

You will be receiving a generous amount of vegetables packed in a tote. We always go extra miles (or KMs ;)) to ensure diversity of products so you get novelty in your box as well as some regular ‘staples’.

Eggs: Eggs will be kept in a cooler, take whatever amount of dz you paid for.

A weekly email will also be sent out, providing information about the content of your box, along with farm notes and recipes.

Note: For members that choose delivery in Victoria or the Cowichan Valley, note that this service is provided via Cow-op (Cowichan) or South Island Farm Hub (Victoria). We will provide further details regarding the delivery fee and “how it works”


Here is an overview of what the seasons have to offer at Lockwood Farms:

We also offer: Nursery Plants (herbs, veggies, fruit), Organic, fair-trade cane sugar (Paraguay); chicken and pork!


No vacation allowed (Joke, have your friend pick it up for you if you are not around that week or it will be donated).


Pick-up THURSDAYS – Lockwood Farms (3805 Cobble Hill Rd): 4-6pm (No Fee)

Home Delivery THURSDAYS – Available via Cow-op ($10 fee)


Pick-up WEDNESDAYS in Esquimalt from 9 am until 12 pm (South Island Farm Hub)

808 Viewfield Rd. Pick-up is contactless from the Farm Hub bay door (closest to the Flying Squirrel) where you will find your bin under your name.

This service is provided via South Island Farm Hub for an additional fee of $3

Home Delivery, WEDNESDAYS or THURSDAYS (South Island Farm Hub)

Wednesdays, they deliver to the areas of Victoria and Saanich, including Downtown, Fernwood, Hillside, James Bay, Fairfield, Oak Bay, Uplands, and Cadboro Bay.

​Thursdays, they deliver to the neighborhoods of ​Esquimalt, View Royal, Langford, Colwood, and Gorge/Tillicum/Burnside.

This service is provided via South Island Farm Hub for an additional fee of $6

More details about payment and cost:

Cost Break Down (22 weeks from Mother’s day weekend until Thanksgiving) :

¾ SHARE $30/week:   $ 660.00 

Optional Eggs add: $187.00

1st payment (Due before May 11th) $330.00

1st payment with eggs                 $423.50

2nd Payment (Due on July 15th) $330.00

2nd Payment with eggs         $423.50

FULL SHARE $42/week: $924.00

Optional Eggs add: $187.00

1st payment (Due before May 11th) $462.00

1st payment with eggs         $555.50

2nd Payment (Due before July 15th) $462.00

2nd Payment with eggs         $555.50           

*Pay in 2 payments: Only accepting Credit Card & Cheque.

*If choosing to pay with e-transfer or cash, we are asking for the payment made in FULL.

IMPORTANT – Cow-op & South Island Farm Hub Delivery 

If choosing Cowichan or Victoria home delivery, which are provided by either Cow-op or South Island Farm Hub, additional delivery fee will be applied. 

More details will be provided for those who decide to use this service.

Different Ways to Pay for the CSA program:

While E-Transfer and Cash are preferred methods of payment, they will ONLY be accepted if 1 payment is made in full. 

An Email Invoice will be sent out so wait for that before paying!

  • Cheque – Please come and visit us with your cheque BEFORE the program starts. Provide a second cheque post-dated for July 15th.
  • Credit Card – An email Invoice with the option of paying by CC will be sent to you. Details will be kept on file in an encrypted program. 
  • E Transfer sent to (Please MAKE SURE the amount is correct otherwise our bookkeeper will be pestering you! Please write ‘CSA’ in the message)
  • Cold, Hard Cash – secured in envelopes and/or elastic bands.

Visit us with your envelope BEFORE the program starts.

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