Taste the goodness of Cowichan Valley grown, family-farmed vegetables and free range EcoEggs.


Happy Fall! Harvest season is in full swing and you can order through the Cow-op or visit our farm stand.



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We cannot distill into words our passion for farming. It is so clearly what we are created to do. It is more than a career or a livelihood for each of us. It is like a child. It has a life of its own, one that demands more than we can give. So often we fail, yet the farm’s resilience shines through.

And it gives! It give us life. The joy of crop. The bounty of eggs. The delight of hen dust bathing in the sun. The simplicity of miracles we witness daily.

Our Story


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Our approach to farming does not feel like a new one, but more a re-establishing of what we believe to be previously proven, but forgotten practice. We use spades, wheelhoes, and seeders in order to intensively grow a wide variety of vegetables on a small plot of land.


Placing environmental stewardship and animal welfare first, Lockwood Farms presents: EcoEgg. We reduce our environmental impact by feeding sustainably-raised insect protein alongside our soy-free, corn-free, no-GMO formulated feed. Our barns are equipped with solar panels making them 100% Net Zero! Healthy earth, happy hens. LEARN MORE

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Squash, Tetsukabuto

Squash, Tetsukabuto
‘Steel Helmat’

Kale, Mixed

Kale, Mixed
King Kong Kale

Small Eggs

Small Eggs
Each egg is under 50 grams